32 Pyramid

A nice crossing pattern in the middle of the field. But note when the pass happens: after the crossing receivers have crossed the middle of the field (that’s why they’re crosses and not just quick slants). Unless there’s immediate pressure, make sure QB stays in the middle of the pocket so he can hit either WR3 or WR2 on the left and right respectively. WR4’s go route may draw a safety (always nice), and if not–and/or if there’s too much traffic or your receivers get too close–air it out deep.

Timing: I like this play on the first play of the game, because it gets the defense thinking that they’re going to have to play tight all day while simultaneously having the flexibility to go deep. Later in the game, if you’ve been running 10+ yard passes all day, your receivers should have some good separation from their corners to be open on the crossing routes. It also helps if you’ve been running a lot of plays to the sidelines and keeping away from the middle of the field–which is very common, given the safety out there, who’s probably cheating deep and to the sides at this point. Confusing the defense makes them slow, and one lagging step can be all you need.

Personnel: Big man at WR1 for a drop-off dig, otherwise speed at WR2-3.


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