34 Pumpdog


This is straightforward play that goes for solid medium yardage against a man defense. The key is a QB pump-fake deep to WR4 to draw WR3’s corner (and probably the safety). WR3 ducks underneath the fake for the out pass, turns up past his man, and has WR4 in front as a downfield blocker. Otherwise, there’s a quick screen dump off to WR2 (the QB’s first read) in case of pressure, and if there’s too much movement down to cover him (by the safety and WR1’s corner), there’s open field to try the outside post pass to WR1.

Because of that second post option, this makes a decent red-zone play as well. If you’re doing that, you can add in a pump-fake into WR2’s slant route to pull coverage from WR1’s side of the field and toss it over into the corner

Personnel: Quickest wideout plays the WR1 position; best hands to WR3.

Pre-snap reads: Check if the safety’s cheating either way: if to the right, go for the post play, and if to the left, the underneath man can gain even more RAC yardage.