TripleFP: A Manifesto


  • I hate searching for some flag football plays only to be told to pay for them;
  • I hate not finding any good books in my library or online for coming up with anything resembling a flag football playbook or a good strategy guide;
  • I love football and flag football;
  • I love football strategy: seeing a good gameplan unfold, a good play well executed, and a good player doing their job;
  • I want a place to record my thoughts about my own games and observations, as the seasons unfold;

Therefore, be it resolved:

  1. TripleFP will provide free flag football plays, to anyone and everyone. The only thing you’ll ever see on here with a pricetag is a bound edition of collected plays (to defray printing costs) and merchandise, if it comes to that.
  2. TripleFP will provide free flag football strategies and strategy guides, to anyone and everyone, with the same stipulations as in the preceding paragraph.
  3. TripleFP will provide an ongoing blogging space for my football thoughts and observations, and will make this a communal space to allow others to do the same.


Dovid, flag football strategy enthusiast